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Tuesday, April 04 2017



Based on the popular L01, MP lighting designers created L310-L01 luminaire. This has a shorter base as a solution for up-lighting indoor and outdoor spaces where there is a minimal amount of depth to install fixtures. These modern and sleek products can easily be installed where heated floors, shallow slabs, and floors that may be present. This amazing fixture (IP 66) enables you to complement lighting to architecture while gently brightening the area without excessive glare. Available in 1W /2.5W and color temperatures from 2000K standard CRI (80+ CRI) to 3500K high CRI (90+ CRI). We recommend adding L310-L01 in-grade luminaire to your projects for spaces that need accent lighting such as, living rooms, hallways, bathrooms, lobbies, stairs, balconies, patios, classrooms, and retail stores.

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