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Lighting Associates, Inc.
Wednesday, January 16 2013

GO Lighting Technologies Inc. offers a wide range of energy effective lighting products
to business, industry and residential consumers.

These products include:
    • Flat LED Lighting (GO FLL™) as a superior alternative to fluorescent
    • Magnetic Induction Lighting as an cost effective, energy efficient alternative
      to high intensity discharge and fluorescent
    • LED replacement lamps as a long life, energy effective alternative to halogen

GO's head office is located in Toronto, Canada. We serve North and South America.

"We provide long term lighting solutions that exceed both the requirements
and expectations of business, industry and residential consumers. Learn about
our products and the benefits they offer. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at
their outstanding efficiency, effectiveness and ergonomics."

    Ron Content
    President of GO Lighting Technologies Inc.

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