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Thursday, January 03 2013

Primus Lighting is pleased to formally introduce our LED Festcove to add to our popular family of Xenon and Incandescent Festcove.  We have been reserved in releasing this product too quickly because there is a lot of junk available and therefore have taken nearly two years to bench test, burn in and install numerous test installations to insure we are bringing the best possible product to market.

The LED Festcove features are as follows:

  • Same great basic features of standard Festcove
  • Available in various spacings, 2”, 3”, 4” on center with 3” being the most popular
  • Available in three color temperatures,  2700K, 3000K and 4000K
  • Phosphor cap technology to insure consistent uniformity
  • Module output close to 5 watt Xenon at 1/10th the power consumption
  • Adjustable modules for precise aiming
  • Powered by 12V AC not DC so standard transformers not expensive drivers can be used.
  • Either magnetic or miniature electronic transformers available.
  • Long runs possible -  example:  60lf @ 3” o/c

LED Festcove is quickly gaining popularity for use where Xenon has been the standard.  The 90 % reduction in power consumption, smaller transformer requirements and long life makes for a prudent choice to step into the LED world for small cove and accent illumination. 

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